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About The Event

About The Event

TEDx is a platform for local communities: to create, illuminate and inspire. An independently organized event, it promotes discussion within organisations, institutions and districts that shares novel ideas and births thought-provoking conversation. TEDx is a voice for all who wish to be heard.


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10:30AM - 2:00PM
7 November 2021



With a wave of unknown hitting us every day. last year seemed to be a wholesale stock of it. Unaware of what to expect, we coped with all the consequences as we had hope and directed our inner self to the best. Mental health got its due and people started to emote and express themselves and found those deep roots which hold the entire system of their being. All of this was possible as we were out in the wild conscience of greater things and did not have the otherwise hectic, loaded life of which became ignored and agreed' slaves. We here, with similar energy, want to start this event and let our abilities to create change, take the lead and make us realize that the fine space between fiction and reality is home, it's our happy meme.

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

K K Shailaja

Ex-health minister of Kerala

Speaker 2

Dr. V S Priya

Kerala's First Transgender Doctor

Speaker 4

Ajayya Kumar

COO, Emircom

Speaker 5

Anooja Bashir

Director of FlexiCloud, Ourea

Speaker 6

Aditya Narayan

CEO Vieroots

Event Schedule

Set The Environment!
To be started <3

TEDx Video

Welcome Note by TEDx

Hubert Hirthe

Speaker 1. Gayathry Rajiv

Soulful voice, sound at heart and cheerful smile. Winning hearts since childhood.

Cole Emmerich

Speaker 2. K K Shailaja

The corona slayer! The rockstart health mind!

Jack Christiansen

Speaker 3. Dr. V S Priya

Dr Priya, bending the social norms, paving the way for generations to come.

Brenden Legros

Speaker 4 Ajayya Kumar

The emblem of professionalism.

Alejandrin Littel

Speaker 5. Aditya Narayan

Justifying, age is just a number.

Willow Trantow

Speaker 6. Anooja Bashir

Apostle for girl education, overall and over achiever.


Yushu Raj


Aswanth K T


Devika Rajan


Premlata Kumari


Nityanand Bharti

Sponsorship Head

Sidharth Haridas

Media Head

Md Talha Ateeque

Editorial Head

Ann Maria

Production Lead



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